Meet the Team

As a volunteer run organization, the Boston EdTech Foundation depends on the expertise of its volunteers to run the organization and create a lasting impact on the Boston EdTech ecosystem.

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Robyn Belair

Event Organizer – Marketing

Robyn designs and build online and hybrid courses for undergraduate and graduate programs. By incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) core principles with user experience (UX) and accessibility concerns – in a pedagogical framework she’s come to think as “learning experience design” (LX) – Robyn partners with faculty and instructional librarians or other academic staff to develop a rigorous and engaging learning experience. 

Alan Foster

Administrative Co-Organizer

Alan Foster was a co-organizer for the Boston EdTech Meetup and now sits on the board of directors for the Boston EdTech Foundation. He currently works out of the MIT Game Design Lab as the CEO of an augmented reality startup focusing on mixed reality publishing by creating seamless experiences between the physical world and digital content. 

Chelsea Giller

Event Organizer

Chelsea is originally from Long Island, NY and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2017 with a major in Chemical Engineering. After school, she spent 2 years working at Diageo, the largest spirits company in the world. In June of 2019, she changed course and moved to Boston to work as a business/operations analyst at Cengage, which she’s absolutely loving! Outside of work, Chelsea’s an avid runner, tennis enthusiast and podcast listener. She’s excited to plan events that focus on how higher education is evolving and how tech is influencing that evolution!

Salil Kelkar

Event Organizer – Sponsorships

Salil, originally from New Jersey, graduated from Boston College in 2017. After a brief stint in investment banking in New York, Salil has found a home working at Tyton Partners, a strategy consulting and investment banking firm focused on the education industry; including early childhood education, K-12, higher education and workforce development sectors. He hopes to continue his passion for education by helping to grow the vibrant EdTech community that resides in Boston.

Jeff King


Jeff was a chemistry and Chinese teacher at a high school serving students of Camden, New Jersey for five years. During that time, he started learning to code to create more engaging lessons for his students. Now he’s a software engineer who hopes to leverage his teaching experience to create meaningful learning opportunities for teachers and their students.

Nate Long


Nate Long was the lead organizer for the Boston EdTech Meetup and is now an advisor to the organization. With a longstanding interest in education, he hopes technology can improve learning for everyone. During the day, he works as a Software Engineer at HubSpot in Cambridge.

Kyle Paczkowski

Event Organizer

Kyle has a belief that education is a core foundation for our future. As a data and reporting analyst, he hopes that data will empower all learners to better understand their skills and find joy in learning.

Pooja Prasanna

Event Organizer – Marketing

Pooja graduated from Babson College with her MBA and is currently working as a Product Manager for Examity. She is highly passionate about education and believes strongly that technology will change the way we learn! She has previously worked with the education eco-system in India, and has found that there are multiple ways to make a huge impact.

Jenny Qiu


Jenny is a multidisciplinary designer who currently works as a Product Designer at KTBYTE, an online and in-person computer science academy that teaches pre-college students CS. She believes that design has a huge component in facilitating student’s engagement and retention in online learning, as well as the parent’s understanding and involvement in the student’s learning journey.

Victor Wang

Event Organizer – Partnerships

Victor is an ed-tech enthusiast who has lead multiple sales teams – from coding boot camps to teaching tools. Highly passionate about reshaping education, Victor works with potential partners of the Foundation and helps to host a monthly networking night to connect the Boston education community. Currently, Victor is the Vice President of Partnerships at Peergrade.

Katy Wong

Event Organizer

Katy found her passion for Edtech while working with students with special needs as an Assistive Technology Specialist. She combined her passion for Special Education and Accessible Technology to help students with disabilities meet their potential in and outside of the classroom. She hopes to explore more options in the Edtech world to influence educators and companies toward Universal Design for Learning Framework Principles.